21 March 2010

Apologies, apologies, apologies and shame...

Pope apologizes to sexual abuse victims, Czech doctor’s group apologizes to Jews… big titles in papers, both on a same day. Maybe we should constitute it as an apology day?
Irish cardinal says he’s ashamed of the way they handled ’75 abuse; organizations of Czechoslovak doctors say they are ashamed they issued a memorandum in 1938 urging the government to prevent Jews from practicing medicine.
Public apologies and all that shame… but maybe several decades too late? Or does it even mean anything at all now? When is apology not enough? How about a promise? A promise it will never happen again?
Nah, we would do it all over again, if only we got the chance, we’re human; we’re in for the kill.

I always thought Catholic Churchwas supposed to be a sort of a moral fort, indestructible, impenetrable (yeah, you see the joke I made here? not funny), authoritative… Since it does impose certain, and may I add very strict moral values on its members. And they are not only suggestions, they are commandments. Should you not obey you will spend eternity sufferingthe most horrible pains you could and couldn’t imagine. Do you know that feeling when you get really bored at the opera and yet you have to stay, and not only that, but you have to look interested and smart like everyone else does, appreciative even, and every minute seems like ten hours to you – well, eternity is even longer. So under a threat of having to spend a very long period of time doing taxes or reading Umberto Ecobooks, you’d think people would obey, but you’d be wrong. For were all deceived.
Guys who run the place apparently don’t have to follow their own rules. I guess it’s always better to be on top, regardless the context. 

Pedophilia has become a very common problem of the Church, thus, what really surprises me in this whole story is the fuss everyone makes about it. The media, people… and after all that fuss, all Pope did was an apology. There are no sanctions, no investigations, and no “war on pedophilia”. I bet Jesus was saying “Jesus!” when he saw that.
So, they have the power, they have the wealth, they have their own laws, they break them and they do nothing about it. It has been like that for centuries. I will not go over the things the Church did. But only satisfaction the victims ever got was an apology, if even that.
Governments and other big organizations and corporations do exactly the same. All of them also do some good things, but are they balanced enough?

Same goes for the apology given to Jews from the Czech doctor organization. More than 70 years has passed since then, the horror we couldn’t imagine, and they find some ridiculous memorandum and apologize over it. Yeah, go make fun of someone else. Loud gesture indeed, but a completely empty one.
It’s no secret that we live in highly hypocritical world, but somehow, every time I think we’ve taken a step forward, we take two back.

If someone owes me an apology, it will not suffice; I want to at least punch you in the face.


  1. ..yeah..punching usually solves problems ;)..btw what do you have against U.Eco?