19 June 2010

Why I don’t wish you all the best in life…

There is one thing in life that I hate as much as I hate money – the tactful kindness. Don’t say things that you don’t really mean. Not only do I find it incredibly stupid, but also rude. If you don’t respect me enough to tell me what’s really on your mind then we’re really up for a bad start.

It most often happens on two specific occasions. One is when you send a job application and they don’t like you for the position, but they are nice enough to actually let you know that you didn’t make it. At the end of such letter, which is supposedly bringing you bad news, they will usually say something like “we wish you all the best in your further career”. They are? Seriously? Then why the hell they didn’t give you the job?
The other one happens a lot on the internet, when you’re discussing something and then someone disagrees. They make their point, but try not to look as a complete bad guy, so they will say something “I wish you all the best in life”. Come on, don’t be a pussy, I mean French, speak your mind, we all have the blessing of anonymity on internet, you can send me to hell, and you tell me you wish me all the best in life? I don’t buy the “turn the other cheek” philosophy, mine is “an eye for a lie”, so don’t lie to me.
Like they will say “you stupid motherfucking bastard you have no idea what you’re talking about. Who let you even speak about it you dumb fuck!?!?! I completely disagree with you, but I wish you all the best in your life.” Maybe I’m overdoing it just a little bit, but you get the point.

So, politically correct as I am, I will tell you now so I don’t have to repeat it over and over again in every conversation – I do not wish you all the best, neither in your life, nor your career. I am less than virtuous, but one thing I’ll never do – deceive you about how I feel about you.
Why on earth would I wish all the best in life to a complete stranger? Why? How do I put it? Oh yes, I know – I couldn’t care less! Really, I couldn’t care less.
I will refuse your job application if I don’t find you suitable, or if I just plain don’t like you. I will argue with you over the dumbest things over internet or face to face, just because someone cut me off on my way to work today or because I find your lack of intelligence amusing… but still after I’m done with you, I will not wish you all the best in life.
I do not care if you get another job. I honestly don’t. The chances are I will never hear your name again. And I do not care if you get offended by what I say, the chances are – I don’t care.
We don’t care about people we don’t know. Okay, some out there don’t wanna go around hurting others feelings or whatever, but no one, I repeat no one in the world could sincerely wish all the best in life to a complete stranger. Do you even realize the meaning of those words?

For example if you wished me all the best in life this is what would happen – first I would win at least 100 million Euros in lottery, then I would have several books published, then suddenly my books would be so good that no book would ever be sold again, unless it was written by me. Then I would take over the Oprah show, then HBO, I would be filthy rich, and I would have mind control over the world’s leaders and citizens. I would also have Jesus, Dalai Lama and aliens on speed dial. I would destroy Apple, just because. Then one day there would be zombie invasion and I would fight them off and become the leader of the brave new world. Oh, and I would have several countries and languages made illegal, just because I think they suck.
So, do you still really wish me all the best in life?

I mean, if you get hit by a car tomorrow morning, I probably won’t even twitch. I wish the best in life to people I care about, complete strangers or people I’ve just met and only said hello to, I really don’t care about.
It’s mutual I know. For all I care you can get kidnapped by werewolves and then be sacrificed to southern American bats… actually, that would be a really cool conversation starter – hey have you heard about that guy who got kidnapped by werewolves and…?

And there is one more lovely usage of this phrase. When you’re breaking up with someone and you tell them all that you hate about them and all that you kept silent about all that time while you were together, and then you finish with a strong and properly accented “I wish you all the best in life”, which really means “I hope you die and rot in hell together with whoever will be your next girlfriend, and I hope Saddam Hussein rapes you there, daily.”

I wish myself all the best in life, the rest of you can live with being mediocre.

12 June 2010

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it… or he had it coming?

Carrie on… yes I watched Sex and the City 2. It was a very painful experience, but at least now I know that nothing worse can happen for the rest of the year.
Put aside my utmost disappointment with direction, screenplay, bad acting, I wasn’t expecting much there anyway, but I was expecting the film to be bubbly pink champagne, you know, funny and witty and fashionable, but I got none of that. Unfortunately, there are only few bubbles left in this champagne, and they are not worth drinking the bottle.

Let’s start from the beginning. Does anyone remember the series? It was supposed to be about four liberated and strong, successful women living in the capital of the world. When really we spent six seasons watching and listening four women whine about not being able to get a man. Dating in New York is nasty, but it’s not nearly as bad as they have portrayed it in SATC. Especially when you take into consideration the choice of the name for the show – Sex? What sex? If Samantha didn’t fuck half of New York, there’d be neither sex nor the city in that show.
Yet, there are entire generations of women who found themselves to just like Carrie! Or Miranda or Charlote, or Samantha even! Which one are you? Which one are you?
I am the one green with envy in the background, wondering how can Carrie afford all that clothes on a columnist’s pay check? What am I doing wrong?

Carrie has spent six seasons chasing Mr. Husband. No, they were nothing like strong, successful, liberated women having fun in expensive shoes. Most of the time they were just four whiny single neurotic girls chasing the ring, because apparently, even in the 21st century, besides very expensive shoes and bags, the only true value a woman can achieve is having a diamond on her finger. The show was not about women, it was about the worst of them. Writers took four character flaws, assigned them to four women and made caricatures of them. Not only have they dedicated every second of their free time to analyzing men and trying to trap them, but they’ve also narcissistic as hell! Damn, they’re always dressed up. Carrie is so faking the writer thing. Writers are neurotic, crazy drunkards, I would know. No, really, they were always top of the class, come on, everyone makes mistakes, oh well, not if you have 20 stylists per show.

So now that Miss Bradshaw has finally become Mrs. Preston, she has a problem with being called – Mrs. Preston. Oh my, her husband doesn’t wanna go out every night; he is a guy who actually enjoys spending an evening on the couch watching TV!!!! Can you believe that? A man who likes to watch TV? Outrageous! And she didn’t know it for six years? Wow! And later on it only gets better, so why not consider cheating on your husband with your ex boyfriend? Yes, that’s what real women do. Because showing a guy cheating would be cliché, why not have a Carrie do it. Give me a break.

The film has no plot whatsoever. The plot is them going to Abu Dhabi, but nothing happens there (or anywhere else), despite the film being unforgivably long (149 minutes).

Basically it’s a two and a half hour long parade of new designer collections, superficiality, greed and youth obsession. I will be the first one to admit that I am not very fond of Islamic culture and especially the way it treats women, but our four heroines have shown such an ugly and unintelligent racism towards it, it was not funny one bit.
When in Abu Dhabi – act like an average stereotype of an American – completely dumb.
Talking about dumb… Carrie is now a 45 year old woman and it just made me vomit every time she puts on her little girl act, eyelashes batting, mincing and hair tossing – it just becomes inappropriate at certain age, and slightly preposterous.
The characters were simply unbearable!

And fashion? Was the omission of style in this sequel deliberate? I know you have to advertise the red soles, but wearing strappy heels on a desert sand is just somehow – unfortunate. Read: silly.
Wearing haute couture with pumps for a night of watching a TV on couch with your husband – well, I must say I suddenly felt ridiculously underdressed because the evenings I spend with my bf at home I am wearing yoga pants and a t shirt. I will see to it and repel my fashion sins.
The entire movie is overdressed and it’s all just too much. Carrie looks like a Gosh Spice! I’ve completely misunderstood the genre, I thought it was a comedy, but really, it’s a fantasy. Glittery and a bad one. Liza Minnelli and gay wedding. Why do vain girls treat their gay friends as a fashion accessory? Every girl needs one! Have you got yours? “My gay friend is marrying her gay friend”. I guess saying “my friend is marrying her friend” just wouldn’t suffice. These girls’ shallowness goes even beyond Bergdorf Blondes.

And just to prove that they are not as racist, somewhere by the end of the movie they discover that under burkas even the Muslim women wear new Louis Vuitton spring collection! Ah, women are all the same everywhere, and they can all afford 20 000 $ outfits for every day of the year.
Just carrie on…

6 June 2010

Stupidity sells?

For long now I’ve had difficulty finding art in fashion. Fashion has become advertising. Since the eighties it was sex that was selling, but we have apparently entered entirely new era or marketing. In sex saturated society it is now stupidity that sells. No kidding, welcome to the stupidest campaign I’ve ever seen.

A month ago while walking around town with my (not so stupid) boyfriend we ran across the Diesel billboard that said “Be Stupid!”, the moment I saw it I knew I have an article. Oh God, they are starting to breed. Never underestimate stupidity of people in large groups.
I never thought highly of Diesel or their products, but this was the final blow they gave themselves. I just don’t feel stupid enough to ever buy Diesel. Not that I find Diesel to sell fashion, they are making jeans, there is only so much you can design when it comes to jeans. You need to aim at stupidity to renew your brand every now and then when in fact you’re producing confection.

If the attempt of campaign was to equalize stupidity with boldness it failed miserably. Stupid does something new, brave, outrageous, groundbreaking. Only not really. In their adds girls are taking photos of their vaginas (so old – Britney did it, Paris Hilton did it, Lindsey Lohan did it), flashing their boobs, riding bike on a steering wheel, carrying paper bag over your head… Indeed stupid. “Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls”. It really does take brainless head to do things that people on their adds are doing, but it don’t take no balls. It takes balls to act smart. Most people already ARE stupid. They don’t need additional encouragement! Everyone can flash their boobs, get drunk or whatever it is those brave new things the stupid are doing.

The campaign I would find new and refreshing would be one that would invite people to actually be smart. But that is difficult. In 21st century and the society that we live in, it actually takes balls to be smart. To believe in something and stick to it no matter what. Being stupid is in fact the easy way around life.
Whoever did this campaign for Diesel in fact shares my opinion on the young people today, 98% of them are just plain stupid. They were not aiming at encouraging people to be bold or creative, they were aiming at those who already are stupid to identify themselves as Diesel people. Stupid campaign is a smart move indeed, since the stupid population is just vast. I predict huge increase in sales profit this year for Diesel. If they had a dollar for every stupid person on this planet, oh my!
Sad truth is that they nowadays make you feel bad for being smart. For long now, smart is not cool. Stupid is. Smart is boring, stupid is fun. Though at least smart doesn’t get you STD.

I like it how a friend of mine compared this campaign to a stupid girl he was once dating. At first she seemed cute and he confused her stupidity for carefree optimism. Only to later realize that she indeed is completely empty shell, shallow, and her optimism was based simply on ignorance. It gets boring very quickly, he told me, and embarrassing.

Stupid campaign reminded me of Zoolander, ultimate mocking of the fashion world. Only difference was that Zoolander was actually done with a surprisingly intelligent approach. At Diesel they didn’t even try. It’s in a way advertising imitating life. When you take a closer look at their adds you’ll realize you’ve met those people, most of them. If you have no talents, if you’re too lazy to work and contribute, just flash your boobs, get drunk and wear Diesel jeans.
Being stupid in fact is not daring, being stupid is being mainstream. The campaign therefore failed at being different and daring, it’s mediocre at best.

In a culture that is oversaturated with youth obsession, superficiality and irresponsible living this campaign isn’t bringing anything new, it is merely stupid.