18 April 2010


American mom returns her adoptive son to Russia with a note „I don’t want him anymore“. I am sorry but that’s tragic comic, if it weren’t heartbreaking, it would have been hilarious. I don’t want him anymore. Jeez, I have to say it – only in America! Americans are used to being able to return everything, and I mean literary everything, you buy it, you use it, for some reason you don’t like / want it, and simply you return it, no questions asked. If there weren’t for this ash cloud messing up the air traffic now maybe I would return my dog, family, friends… but no I am stuck to deal with them, even on those days when they are not all sunshine and rainbows… and they’re stuck with me, but I am always sunshine and rainbows.

The kid may really have certain psychological or mental problems, but that’s no way of dealing with a problem. Kid may be a complete sociopath, but I am still on his side. Yes, I am taking sides. He is seven; he grew up in an orphanage, which alone is enough to traumatize you. Maybe she imagined getting one of those kids like you see them in the movies – adorable, cute little creatures who learn the language in an instant and become overachievers. Life is somewhat unfair, so if you want something good, you have to work for it. I am surprised at how easy it is to adopt. Shouldn’t there at least be some kind of “parenting school”, a course that people who want to adopt would attend. I know that parenting can not be learned in school, but certain techniques can. For example: “Acceptable ways of getting rid of your kid”, because Americans seem to be killing or returning their unwanted kids. Sad as it is, this kid may be lucky to be alive. Do you remember that poor little Russian girl Nina, her adoptive mother “was not able to handle her”, and she reported Nina was out of control, raging kid. Her father tells a completely different story. Not to go into analyzing family relations, I am always on a child’s side. Always! You’re a grown up, you need to make a right decision. And killing your child can really be considered a bad parenting technique.

If there were a parenting school, someone could at least teach adoptive parents what “reactive attachment disorder” is and what other disorders those kids may have, since being an orphan most likely isn’t a dreamy experience. Those kids do not come from loving families, they come from orphanages, and they most likely suffer at least a post traumatic stress disorder. You will most likely not get a happy playful well-mannered kid, that you will have to work on. I’ve never met a happy and non-traumatized grown up Russian, let alone a kid!

Russia has now stopped all adoptions to Americans, of course, I would do the same, I would even go one step further and prevent Americans of buying mail ordered brides. Hell yes!
So, to summarize it for Americans, kids are non – returnable, and you are also not allowed to kill them, if you do so, it will result in you going to prison, hopefully for life.

There is another interesting service now offered in Europe. Renting a kid. I am not kidding. You can rent a kid. They say some things are just better with kids, like going to a parade (khm, it’s a European service, so I am thinking besides St. Patrick’s, there’s only techno and gay parades, go figure), or going to birthday party, or picnic at a park. And of course, by having a kid with you, you can get the feel of it and figure if you would want one of your own or not.
Pretentious assumption indeed, my favourite. If having kids was only about their physical presence in your house things would have been so much simpler. There may have not been “return – a – kid case” at all.
An hour with a rented kid will cost you 89 pounds, which is a lot, but imagine this; they come with supplies and manual instructions. Again, I am dead serious. I would like to rent a kid for a couple of hours just to read the manual instructions and take a look at “supplies”, because I am just dying to know what it is all about. And I don’t agree that going to a parade would be more interesting with a kid, they always have to pee when there is no bathroom around, they are hungry and thirsty in all the wrong times and they need lots of attention. So, I’ve heard.
I would like to rent a puppy, for like couple of months while it’s all cute and fluffy, and then return it when it grows a bit, and take another puppy. So I would only have a puppy my entire life, a dream come true. I hope you can see where I’m going with this example.

As I previously said, I am always on children’s side, so I do not approve, renting them, selling them, exchanging them. People forget this, but we were all children once. Was it not traumatic enough visiting distant family members? Then imagine what it must feel like to be rented to a couple of complete strangers. I beg unto the authorities to spend less money on weaponry and more money on kids, especially those who have no families. There is a solution to every problem, you just need a little will.

So, next time you want to order something from Russia with love, think twice can you handle it? And light a candle for Nina, at least a virtual one.

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