16 July 2010

How do you feel about marzipan?

I am sure you’ve watched Forest Gump, it’s such a lovely and inspirational movie. Even an evil sarcastic maniac like myself loves Forest <3. And his moma was right - life really is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Well except if you go to one of those fancy chocolatier shops and pick the pralines you like. Still most of us just put up with what we get.
But what if you keep getting truffles with marzipan and you really hate marzipan? Do you spit it out or keep on chewing? Do you swallow? Good girls swallow you know, but I really hate marzipan, even when it’s covered with chocolate.
How did Forest Gump stand against the marzipan truffles? Against the world, against the bad odds and chances? Simply, I believe – Forest didn’t know he doesn’t like marzipan.
Forest was born mentally and physically challenged, with an IQ of an average model (75), and that considered, rethinking the world we live in, you would have thought that all odds were against him. But no! Think again. Dumbness pays today.

According to genius professor Anthony Giddens we live in a “runaway” world. To put it simply for the Forest - like minds, that means that the world is constantly running away from us (thank you captian Obvious!), the moment you think you have it all under the control, you have absorbed everything – information, inventions, technologies, (fashion trends) – the world takes a step forward. Something new (and big) happens! Such world can easily drive us mad because it’s constantly out of reach, which apparently is bad for our mental health; people like to have things under control. When the world gets neurotic, we get neurotic.
Forest was too stupid to realize how big the things that were happening around him really are. Most people would take significant amount of time to ponder on any of those events if they had happened to them, and while doing that, they would lose all the other chances that Forest took, while they would be still calculating the risks – Forest would already be finished with the whole thing.
Only when you don’t know things, you can go beyond them. If you are aware of significance and risks, if you are aware of what you might lose, the chances are your fears will leave you in one place your entire life. When you can’t see the broad picture on the other hand, you go for whatever you want. There is incredible freedom in having nothing to lose. Not that any of us have anything to lose, we just think we do, again, because we’ve been convinced so, again, because we’re oh so much smarter than Forest.

Out of every marzipan truffle Forest ate, he only tasted chocolate. An average citizen of civilized world today would have to be slightly mentally retarded to undergo everything the runaway world serves him and stay “normal”. Forest went through life unbelievably calm, taking things as they are, we on the other hand, over-analyze everything.
The best thing about Forest is that he was too dumb to know that he can not make it in life, so he made it. I can only wish to be that stupid.

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